Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 2 - Buddha Neelkanth & Pashupati Nath

11th May 2007 -

Day 1 - Arrival at kathmandu from Delhi

Kailash - Mansarovar is one of the most revered and mystical pilgrim places in Hindu Mythology. Mt.Kailash (6,638 m) is one of the highest peaks on the tibetian plateau and home to Lord Shiv. Lake Mansarovar is the highest Fresh water lake in the world and source for major rivers in the sub-continent. The name Manasa Sarovar literally means lake of the mind. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma is said to have created this lake from his mind.

I dont remember since when I have been longing to visit this place. Finally after my final graduation examinations I got this opportunity. Here are some excerpts from my journey

10th May 2007 - Early morning I depart from my hotel in Pahadgunj in Delhi to arrive at Indira Gandhi Int'l Airport New Delhi to catch my flight RA-206 to Kathmandu. I heaved a sigh relief seeing the aircraft on the Tarmac connected to the Aerobridge. Last 3 days the operations to Delhi were suspended due to technical slag in their aircraft. At this moment when my tour was book and other flights overbooked having my flight cancelled would have be disastrous.

After a 40 minute delay call for boarding the aircraft was made. Walking through the aerobridge we entered a brand new Boeing 757. Royal Airlines Corp seem to be having a tough time lately with flights to Mumbai suspended they now operate just 2 Boeing 757. I wonder why such a fine airline had to face such bad fate.

Soon the flight took off and from the sky one could see the entire city of New Delhi covered with blanket of Dust. I was happy to leave the Great Indian Summer behind me and head for the Himalayas. In no time dry fields disappeared and we entered a lush green valley. Brick factories and houses on hilltop boy what a sight in the month of May!!

A smooth landing at Tribhuvan Airport and we headed towards immigration counter. Indians do not need a visa or even a passport for that sake to enter Nepal. To my disappointment my passport was not stamped at the immigration counter so I hold no proof of travelling to Nepal really Sad :-(. From the airport we were transferred to Shanker Hotel.
Evening was spent at a nearby shopping area called Thamil Market. A nice place to buy mountaineering accessories and souvenirs.